2014 GSA Panels

Special GSNA Sessions at the
Annual Convention of the German Studies Association
September 18-21, 2014, in Kansas City, Missouri

Organizer: John Lyon, University of Pittsburgh

The Poetics of Space in the Goethezeit I: Political Spaces

Moderator: Tove Holmes, McGill University
Commentator: John Lyon, University of Pittsburgh

  1. Christian Weber, Florida State University:
    “An Explosive Compression of Space: Kleist’s Anecdotal ‘Tagesbegebenheiten’ in the Berliner Abendblätter
  2. Hamid Tafazoli, University of Luxembourg:
    “Poetologische Funktion des Raumes in Goethes West-östlichem Divan
  3. Joseph O’Neil, University of Kentucky:
    “Goethe and the Spatial Trope in Political Theology”
The Poetics of Space in the Goethezeit II: Spatial Configurations in the Wilhelm Meister Novels

Moderator: Hamid Tafazoli, University of Luxembourg
Commentator: Christian Weber, Florida State University

  1. Colin Benert, DePaul University/ University of Chicago:
    “The Space of Memory in Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre
  2. Jason Groves, Yale University:
    “The Shock of the Earth: Geoaesthetics in the Goethezeit
  3. Christina Hinz, Johns Hopkins University:
    “Spatial Movements and Astronomical Formations in Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre oder Die Entsagenden
The Poetics of Space in the Goethezeit III: Literary Landscapes, Soundscapes, and Mindscapes

Moderator: Joseph O’Neil, University of Kentucky
Commentator: Elliott Schreiber, Vassar College

  1. Tove Holmes, McGill University:
    “Viewing Spaces: Literary Landscapes around 1800”
  2. Alexander Sorenson, University of Chicago:
    “Hearing das Unerhörte: Sense and the Space of Haunting in Gottfried August Bürger’s Lenore and Heinrich von Kleist’s Das Bettelweib von Locarno
  3. Stephanie Großman and Stefan Halft, University of Passau:
    “Entering the Romantic Mindscape: Changing Concepts of Space in Eichendorff’s Marmorbild and Hoffmann’s Die Bergwerke zu Falun