From the Yearbook Editors

Vol. 22 of the Goethe Yearbook is currently being copy-edited and will be on its way to the printer soon. It features a special section on Environmentalism edited by Dalia Nassar and Luke Fischer with contributions on: the metaphor of music in Goethe’s scientific work and its influence on Gilles Deleuze, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jakob von Uexküll and Viktor Zuckerkandl (Frederick Amrine); Goethe’s conceptualization of modern civilization in Faust (Gernot Böhme); a non-anthropocentric vision of nature in Goethe’s writings on the intermaxillary bone (Ryan Feigenbaum); Goethe’s geopoetics of granite (Jason Groves); the historical antecedents of biosemiotics in Goethe’s “Die Metamorphose der Pflanzen” (Cate Rigby); and on the concept of the ‘Dark Pastoral’ in Goethe’s Werther (Heather I. Sullivan).

In addition, there are also original contributions on Goethe as a spiritual predecessor of the phenomenological movement (Iris Hennigfeld); on concepts of the “hermaphrodite” in contributions to the Encyclopédie by Louis de Jaucourt and Albrecht von Haller (Stephanie Hilger); on Goethe’s poem “Nähe des Geliebten” (David Hill); on the link between commerce and culture, that is, between the consumption of Asian luxury products and the reading of foreign literature in Goethe’s West-östlicher Divan (Daniel Purdy); on Goethe’s thoughts on collecting and museums (Helmut Schneider); and on the role and representation of intrigues in the works of J.M.R. Lenz (Inge Stephan).

We would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to Stanford University whose generous financial support made it possible to hire a copyeditor and thus has expedited the process considerably. We are now accepting contributions to Vol. 23. We hope to hear from many of you and particularly welcome contributions by younger scholars.

As always, the entire run of back issues is available on Project MUSE.

Adrian Daub
Stanford University

Elisabeth Krimmer
University of California at Davis