What do you think?

Dear GSNA Members:

Let us know what you think of the new design. All comments, concerns, and ideas are welcome (and will be made anonymous, if you wish). We will pool your suggestions, and the board will take them up at the Atkins Conference in Pittsburgh this fall.

The Webmaster

2 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Suggestions from Christa Sammons:

    I like the design very much. Clear and clean looking.

    As far as I can tell, the image at the top of all the pages isn’t identified.

    The link to the Speck Collection is to the finding aids for prints only, a small part of the collection and not the most interesting. The link should be to the main collection of Speck manuscripts:

    http://drs.library.yale.edu/HLTransformer/HLTransServlet?stylename=yul.ead2002.xhtml.xsl&pid=beinecke:speckmss&query=Speck&clear-stylesheet-cache=yes&hlon=yes&filter=fgs.collection:”Beinecke Library”&hitPageStart=1

    Or better and more inclusive than that long url:

    From http://library.yale.edu, click on: Search finding aids. Search terms: Goethe Speck. Find several manuscript and artifact collections relating to Goethe.

    Or, since that last reference leads only to archival material and says nothing about books, direct people to the essay about the Yale Collection of German Literature in general, including Goethe:


  2. I think the new site looks great. It’s very easy to use. I find the table of contents for the _Goethe Yearbook_ volumes very helpful. I also like the calls for papers listed in such an easy-to-find manner. Thanks for your work on this!

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