From the Secretary-Treasurer

If you have not done so already, please send your 2017 dues to the Secretary-Treasurer, Christian Weber, or use PayPal on our web site (a modest fee will apply).

There is still time to opt for a 3-year membership (2017-2019) for all categories, see table below. This option will be available only every three years, i.e., in each year of the Atkins Goethe Conference (2017, 2020 etc.). The rates are the same as the regular annual dues times three, but if you choose the 3-year option and pay via PayPal, the processing fees will be included.

Besides saving money, the other benefit of this new option is convenience: Your membership dues will be covered until the next Atkins Goethe Conference. That way, whenever you receive the CFP for the Atkins Goethe Conference, you know that it is time to renew your GSNA membership. I hope that you will take advantage of this option.

Please remember that the next Goethe Yearbook will be sent only to members who paid their dues for the calendar year. If you are uncertain about your current dues status, please contact me at

Christian Weber
Florida State University


  1 year 3 years (2017-19)
junior member $25 $75
senior member (tenured faculty) $35 $105
patron (please consider becoming one) $100 $280
emeritus $10 $30
student $10 $30
institution $40

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