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Volume 26 of the Goethe Yearbook features a special section on Goethe’s narrative events, edited by Fritz Breithaupt, with contributions from Christopher Chiasson, “Much Ado about Nothing? The Absence of Events in Die Wahlverwandtschaften”; Christian P. Weber, “Narrating (Against) the Uncanny in Goethe’s ‘Ballade’”; and Lisa Anderson, “Countering Catastrophe: Goethe’s Novelle in the Aftershock of Heinrich von Kleist.” This issue also showcases work presented at the 2017 Atkins Goethe Conference (Re-Orientations around Goethe), hosted at Penn State, including presentations by Eva Geulen on morphology and W. Daniel Wilson on the Goethe Society of Weimar in the Third Reich. The volume has a range of articles by emerging and established scholars on Klopstock, Schiller, Goethe and objects, dark green ecology, and texts of the Goethezeit and beyond through the lens of world literature.

As always, we welcome manuscripts on any and all aspects of Goethe, his contemporaries, and the 18th century broadly conceived, including the century’s legacy. We also are interested in broadening the discussion, in organizing special sections, and experimenting with new forms and genres of scholarly writing. Please contact us with any and all suggestions at!

Note that the Goethe Yearbook is a double-blind, peer-reviewed publication, widely indexed, and published with DOIs. All manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word, and in accordance with the Yearbook’s style sheet – published on our web site – and anonymized for review. Manuscript submissions should be no longer than 8,500 words.

Patricia Anne Simpson
University of Nebraska

Birgit Tautz
Bowdoin College

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