From the Yearbook Editors

We are still looking for original contributions to volume 23 and would like to invite submissions on all aspects of eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century German literature and culture. We are particularly interested in articles written by advanced graduate students and assistant professors, and would like to use this opportunity to encourage them to contact us about potential publications.

In addition to our general section, we are planning a special section on “Goethe and the Visual Arts” and welcome contributions on drawings, painting, tableau vivant, sculpture, printmaking, design, and architecture in the long eighteenth century. We are also interested in critical readings of films about Goethe and his contemporaries as well as filmic adaptations of eighteenth-century works.

Submissions should reach us by late May, preferably earlier. Manuscript submissions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style and confine themselves to less than 35 pages. For specific questions about scholarly citations, please consult the Yearbook’s style sheet.

Adrian Daub
Stanford University

 Elisabeth Krimmer
University of California at Davis