From the Yearbook Editors

Volume 25 of the Goethe Yearbook features a special section on acoustics around 1800, edited by Mary Helen Dupree, which includes, among others, contributions on sound and listening in Ludwig Tieck’s Der blonde Eckbert (Robert Ryder) and on the role of the tympanum in Herder’s aesthetic theory (Tyler Whitney).

The volume also contains essays on Goethe and stage sequels (Matthew Birkhold), on figures of armament in eighteenth-century German drama (Susanne Fuchs), on the dialectics of Bildung in Wilhelm Meister (Galia Benziman), on the Gothic motif in Goethe’s Faust and “Von deutscher Baukunst” (Jessica Resvick), on Goethe and Salomon Maimon (Jason Yonover), on Goethe’s “Novelle” (Ehrhard Bahr), on Schiller’s Bürger critique (Hans Richard Brittnacher), on Charlotte Schiller and Charlotte von Stein (Linda Dietrick), on the international world order in Goethe’s Iphigenie (Chenxi Tang), and on gender and violence in Iphigenie (Patricia Simpson).

Volume 25 is the last one in our five-year tenure as editors and we would like to thank everybody who has written or reviewed articles for us and everybody who read these publications. It has been a privilege to edit the Goethe Yearbook and a wonderful opportunity to get to know many eighteenth-century scholars and their work. We will miss the Yearbook, but are delighted to know that, with the appointment of Birgit Tautz and Patricia Simpson, it will be in excellent hands.

Adrian Daub
Stanford University

Elisabeth Krimmer
University of California at Davis


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