Invitation to Submit your Work to the GYB

Dear colleagues,

With vol. 26 in production, we want to reach out again and invite you to submit your work for consideration in the next Goethe Yearbook (to appear in 2020). Please send us manuscripts by February 15, 2019.

As always, we welcome manuscripts on any and all aspects of Goethe, his contemporaries, and the 18th century broadly conceived, including the century’s legacy. We also are interested in broadening the discussion, in organizing special sections, and experimenting with new forms and genres of scholarly writing. Please contact us with any and all suggestions at!

Note that the Goethe Yearbook is a double-blind, peer-reviewed publication, widely indexed, and published with DOIs. All manuscripts should be prepared in MS Word, and in accordance with the Yearbook’s style sheet and anonymized for review. Manuscript submissions should be no longer than 8,500 words.

Patricia Anne Simpson
University of Nebraska

Birgit Tautz
Bowdoin College

With very best wishes for the holiday season and 2019,
Birgit and Patty