Membership and Dues

The Goethe Society of North America currently has approximately 250 members worldwide and welcomes new members at any time. Members receive the Goethe Yearbook, special issues of the Yearbook, as well as Goethe News and Notes, the Society’s newsletter, which publishes calls for papers and other announcements. New members are automatically added to the Goethe Society’s listserv.

To join the Society simply contact William Carter, Secretary-Treasurer, or any of the other Officers.

 Annual dues are collected by calendar year and should be remitted in U.S. dollars only, either directly through PayPal or by mail to Prof. William Carter, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Iowa State University, 3102 Pearson Hall, Ames, IA 50011. Please make checks payable to “Goethe Society of North America.” For membership categories see the drop down menu below.

Please consider also making a donation on top of your dues payment. Your additional support will ensure the financial health of the Society and allow us to continue to offer such services as the Yearbook, the essay prize, the book series, and graduate student support without having to raise membership fees. Thank you so much in advance.

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