Gloria Flaherty Scholarship


The Gloria Flaherty Scholarship honors the late eighteenth-century scholar and founding member of the GSNA.

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In order to encourage and support research in the Age of Goethe, the GSNA organizes dissertation workshops at its international Atkins conferences, held every three years. Participating students, who are selected on the basis of their dissertation prospectus and a letter from their adviser, are all awarded a Gloria Flaherty Scholarship in the amount of $500 plus a waiver of the conference fee. More importantly, they participate in panel discussions, where they are engaged in conversation by senior scholars in their field who direct comments and questions to their projects.

With this continuing commitment, the GSNA hopes to contribute to the academic and intellectual success of graduate students engaged in Goethe studies and quite possibly to identify new talent for the Goethe Yearbook and our book series.